What Makes Legendary Forex Trader? Pressure and Time

What Makes Legendary Forex Trader? Pressure and Time



I will never forget these famous words by Morgan Freeman. This is a great analogy on life. Success in any form requires nothing but time and pressure. I’ve spent years and years of my life in a small 4 wall room living with my parents. Forcing myself to keep pushing and pushing until i finally became successful. Having to give up dating and going outdoors for 7 years. Legs hurting from sitting in my crappy metal chair with the bent leg that doesn’t quite align my knees properly. All of the blood rushing down into my one leg and having to walk around my parents house constantly.


Depression and stress combined with financial issues are not very good friends. On many occasions considering leaving and just being a bum in the street and giving up on my life. I only had one goal after being released from prison for a felony that only a select few computer nerds will have stamped into their foreheads forever.. A felony theft, Was to not end up in a gutter and eating out of garbage cans. I am a multi million dollar forex trader. And this is my story.


It all started in 1992 when i met my best friend of 19 years. This guy was the most funny and charismatic guy i ever had in my life. His name was brent. He was a big guy, about 300lbs, black hair and from new york. He had told me his story about his life and all the shit he had been through. Foster homes, endless traveling to new homes from lack of finances. He had went to the social services and claimed he was crazy ( he wasn’t ) and would take quite a nice check home every single month to pay the rent. He was one of the best hustlers i ever knew in my life. This guy was 17 years old and already had his own apartment and car and plenty of girls to go with it. He was a very funny guy and i think women really love that. Someone with all of his problems and can express himself in such a way really attracts women.


I was 11 years old at the time my best friend at the time (brian) introduced me to this guy. He was at the pool in our apartment complex throwing around a football with his buddy. I finally went home and my friend brian who introduced me to him told me to come down to the pool. I easily agreed and eagerly ran down to see what was up. At the time there was no internet or cheap personal computers. Of course my family and i were not very well off. My mom, a widow, had two jobs just to support us and we were always moving around to different towns and different apartments and houses. When i got down to the pool i saw him there. The guy throwing around the football.


He was showing a bunch of us kids some kung fu moves. It turned out he was a black belt in kung fu and had spent most of his life training. It was the most awesome thing i had ever seen. From that point on me and him were the best of friends. He taught me how to kick ass and also how to do wheelies on my bike. He had all sorts of video games at his house, mainly sega and nintendo and we would play that shit all day and night for years and years. As a matter of fact, we would play games up until the last time i saw him. We had some crazy adventures growing up together. He would later introduce me to an 18 year old girl named cheryl. I was big for my age so everyone thought i was 18 or 19. So my friend told her i was 18 and she really liked me so we got together. We never had sex cause i was only 12 at that time and had no idea how to do things like that. But we kissed a lot and had very close relations for a bit.


About 5 years later i had turned 17 and me and my friend brent were best friends for 6 straight years. He had an interest in computers at that time and he wanted to show me how awesome it was and the stuff we could do with a computer. He dialed up to his local ISP (internet service provider) and we went straight to the internet. It was the most interesting and intriguing thing i had ever seen in my life. The intrigue and fascination with technology was immediately followed by movies such as ” hackers ” “war games” and ” sneakers ” had a spot at the top of my vhs rack.


I watched those movies every day and repeated them daily. My friend brent had got me into hacking at the time and actually introduced me to those movies. After a few years of learning how computers work, brent got me into trojan horses and other viruses that allow us to control other people’s computers. So since we had to call around all over the place just to find a signal we just decided to hack each other. So every day we would go back and forth trying to break each others computers. We did this for years and years and we had lots of fun. Brent was very convincing to me at the time. I was only 17 – 18 years old and was very impressionable. I had no male role models in my life so i latched onto brent as a father figure and a brother. Every thing he ever told me i took as gospel. I loved him like a brother and i respected him like a father. He was the greatest gift had given me. Lots of laughter and adventures around california and across the country later in life. He had became a truck driver after a while and naturally i had got into it as well. We both drove for about 3 – 5 years each and then got sick of it and quit.


Fast forward to 2005 – 2006. I was immensely into hacking at this point in time. Of course i had given up any chance at a job by just pouring my life into computers and breaking computers. My friend brent had got into watching movies and went through about 3 wives and many girlfriends. He had stopped hacking but not me. I was very interested in learning more and more and more. I had no money and i didn’t want to get a job because of my hacking addiction. So at one point when i was 26 i decided to start hacking into financial institutions and proceed to steal sensitive information from many people. After about a year of this i was eventually caught. The secret service had raided my house and took my computer. I spent about 18 months in prison and several months in a halfway house. While i was in prison i had met only one other guy who had hacked into financial systems and stolen identities. I didn’t much like that guy, he had no honor, no heart. He was a piece of shit. Cocky and arrogant about his adventures into hacking and he loved stealing. He did not love the actual technology. I had to cut him loose and move on. So i decided not to talk to that guy anymore.


This was between 2009 and 2011. Remember when the housing market crashed? I had met several individuals in prison who were scamming people out of millions of dollars during this time. They had told me they were the greatest real estate agents in their area. They had their pictures on the busses and benches. They would go on to tell me about their trading experiences as well. I had actually met forex traders and was introduced into forex trading inside of prison. These guys were definitely worth endless millions of dollars. They were so advanced in forex, they did not even need charts. I was immediately intrigued because of my hacker nature. My love for technology. Hacking is of course of a form of study and analysis. Nowadays in 2018 most people see hacking as breaking into systems and causing damage. However the origins of this practice are much different than you might think.


“The term “hacker” only in its original meaning, someone who applies ingenuity to create a clever result, called a “hack”. The essence of a “hack” is that it is done quickly, and is usually inelegant. It accomplishes the desired goal without changing the design of the system it is embedded in. Despite often being at odds with the design of the larger system, a hack is generally quite clever and effective.”

–Source http://tmrc.mit.edu/hackers-ref.html


This is what i considered true hacking. We call thieves, thieves. But hackers are people who study technology or anything and dissect that thing in order to improve on it and understand it. This is definitely related to doctors, lawyers, business owners, scientists, etc. I spent about 16 months of studying these forex traders and stock traders while i was in prison. They had taught me all about moving averages and crossovers. And of course we had many books on trading such as Alchemy of Finance, Fooled by Randomness, Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns, etc. I would spend countless hours watching these guys as they used a piece of paper and drew a full grid chart and traded against the wall street journal numbers and cnbc on the tv. It was the most amazing thing i had ever learned in my life. After some time i learned how to draw my own charts and eventually trade on paper.


I was finally released from prison with a felony in february of 2011. When i got home i was so punch drunk from the entire experience i had no idea what to do with myself. But in my head and in my heart i knew i was born to be a forex trader. The skills i had learned in prison had opened my eyes to a new world of technology and making an actual income for myself. After moving back in with my parents i tried everything i could to get a normal job. But i pissed that away when i got this felony. The only thing i could do is try to run a business. I was repairing computers and smartphones for about 5 years all the while trading in a demo account in the background. I had finally got a job working in housing preservation for a family owned business. That i would have to say was the worst job in the world. You need to climb through human feces and garbage dumpsters and clean the entire house. All this for 12 to 14 straight hours and getting paid 8 dollars an hour by 2015. I finally quit that job and realized there’s no other way to do this but to trade forex.  Working with those people was the worst decision i ever made. I worked like a slave and made 600 bucks a month if i was lucky.


Foreign exchange trading has been an extreme challenge in the real world of forex trading. When you trade on paper or in a demo account it’s nothing like trading live. Live trading includes dealing with brokers and their liquidity providers that manipulate the prices to such a high degree that you will never be fully successful without the right strategy. For most newbies to this game it’s very daunting and stressful. I had read an article about this women who had traded for 15 years straight and still worked at taco bell. I immediately started to see the manipulations when i went live in a real account with real money. I spent countless hours at the forex factory, stevehopwood forums studying volume spread analysis and the sonic r. system among other things before i realized i should venture out into the internet and look for some forex trading strategies outside the most used forums.


Well you know the rest of the story from here. I discovered an amazing strategy called Assar and i’ve developed it to a point where it’s the most successful forex robot in the world. I’ve sold many copies of V10 and i’ve provided thousands of people with my free versions. I created The AssarV10 Team and have made countless thousands of dollars with my software ever since. I want you to remember just one thing. If you want to be successful in anything in life. Take the time to work on it as hard and as much as you possibly can. The more you practice something, the better you get at it. And eventually you will be successful.



Pressure and time

By Joshua Allison



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