How I turned $500 Dollars into $10,000 Dollars

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How I turned $500 Dollars into $10,000 Dollars





I have talked about how mastering and choosing a predetermined trading strategy will allow you to build up your portfolio and triple your income within two weeks.


But what I can guarantee you without fault is that your strategy won’t work forever, the rain of profits will at some point come to an end. It may take a few weeks, it may take a few months or if you are lucky it may take a few years but I will bet anything that at some point your strategy will be put in the dust. This is for the fact that you cannot always stay ahead of the market and that market forces always change. If you want to become a millionaire in the profitable world of Forex trading then you are going to need more than one trick in your house to be the best online trader that the Forex market has ever seen.



Fresh ideas, new strategies, everyday is profit

If you want to stay ahead of the pack and sustain your profitable edge always making those gains, then you need to keep coming up with fresh ideas and diversifying your trading skills. Don’t worry you won’t need to change the whole way you see the foreign exchange market, just need some tweaks to keep you always above the crowd. Well luckily for you I have three tips right here to make sure your profits keep growing and your money keeps stacking up so you can buy that mercedes benz that you have been looking at all these years.


1. Try looking at different times
Just because someone told you to be a day trader and that would be the best way to dominate the Forex market doesn’t mean you need to be a day trader. Some of the best day trader’s check out longer time frames and that way they see the whole direction of the market. Maybe even speak to some swing traders so you can add it into your repertoire of techniques.


2. Try trading other pairs
So you are a master of trading AUD/JPY and know it like the back of your hand? Well what happens when it all goes wrong? Why not be always stacking the profits by learning another pair in advance? If you are a master of AUD/JPY then you must know the aussie dollar well. So move in on AUD/EUR or AUD/USD so you can maximise your ability to predict the Aussie FX market.


3. Use Automated Trading software
Automated trading software may be frowned upon by some online traders, but if you really want to capitalise on the Forex market you need a forex robot reading those charts for you 24/7. You won’t throw yourself into a silly trade because you misread an entry signal. Assar Elite Pro Forex Scalper v10 will make sure it trades only profitable currency trades for you. This allows you to concentrate on a different currency pair and maximise your potential profits.


Hope you like those three tips, pretty simple to follow through on them and ensure that you become a Forex millionaire trader in no time. I started out with $500 but just following these tips I am now raking in over $10000 a month.

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