Hacking The Forex Market With ASSAR V8 -Research And Development in (2017)

Hacking The Forex Market With ASSAR V8 -Research And Development in (2017)



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ASSARV8 doesn’t start its trail by locking in profit. It just moves the visible 20 pip stop loss by 1. It will step the SL by 1 so for every 1 pip the SL moves to 19, 18, 17.. etc. The banks and brokers can see this and it’s like a sitting duck. While you are sitting there waiting for it to lock in the profit it’s already made, The market turns and you never lock in profits.

ALL OF THESE STOP LOSSES AND TAKE PROFITS CAN BE HIDDEN FROM THE BROKER. WITH A FAKE TP AND SL SET IN PLACE BY ASSAR V8 of 80 pips distance. I have a solution for this. You can use Ronz Hidden SL and TP in conjunction with ASSAR EA.


Put ASSAR on the 1m TF for all pairs you want to trade.

Inside ASSAR you will need to set your SL and TP to 80 for 5 digit brokers and to 800 for 6 digit brokers. Use ronz to lock in profit after we hit 3 pips. It will lock in 2 pips and the ASSAR EA will trail step by one pip every 1 pip that price moves in our favor.


If you are on a 6 digit broker, use these settings for ronz:

 This means after we hit 3 pips in profit, it will lock in 2 pips. In the meantime ASSAR will trail the current stop by it’s own settings. There’s no magic numbers, so ASSAR and Ronz will work together.


Here’s my ASSAR settings:


I’m on a 6 digit broker.


Here’s my results so far. I’ve had 5 losers and just over 40 winners in my previous testing.


ASSAR is using envelopes indicator with a 0.07 deviation. When it hits the top or bottom of the range, and if the vol meter confirms, it will take a counter trade against it. So you need a bigger TF or a smaller tp/sl. Just before today’s close, i’m +50 trades and -5 trades.


You’ll need to play around with the spread settings to find out what works best for max spread. The spread is what determines if this thing is a winner or loser. I’m on a 6 digit broker with very small spreads, under 4 pips.

I had to eliminate a few pairs that were losing for the past 2 days. I’ve listed the pairs i’m trading below along with my performance for this week so far. I’m on a 6 digit broker so the spreads look like 10 and 32, in reality it’s 1.0 and 3.2 etc..



My performance so far. Great EA!



I’ve been turning it off before the rollover so i can avoid spread just in case. Usually this EA is in and out of trades within minutes so i don’t usually have to worry. Other than that i let it run all day and night. I’m +52% of my account in the past 2 days. Hope the market picks up again. That’s when this thing really trades like crazy.

I did have an issue when i was testing this. I found my stop loss was way too small. 2 pip stop loss was set into Ronz to reflect ASSAR settings. This actually lost more than it won, so you have to keep testing to see what works live.

The backtests had shown massive profits with such a small stop loss, but in reality we need to set a 15 – 20 pip stop loss instead. This had a profound effect and helped to profit quite a bit. Just after i changed Ronz Stop loss to 15, i started recovering the account very easily. No stops hit and i was +$10 for the end of that week.


Yes, i agree we need a good management tool like ronz. That’s why it’s in use every single day on my server. You can “holy grail” any EA with ronz, as long as the EA has over 80% accuracy. I’ve tried my best with some of these EA’s, but they have horrible entry or they are martingale so they won’t possibly win. If they do, it’s for a very short period of time.

The best strategy to use with ronz is a scalper method. ASSAR is a perfect EA, it only trades when there is liquidity. If there is no liquidity that means the broker will have to take the other side of your bet. And we all know what happens when they do that.

So with the incorporated volatility meter, it saves you from losing quite a bit. The orders will max out at 1000.00, so if you try that type of lot in a period where there is nothing happening then the market will move against you. There is no other option there unless we use ASSAR. With ASSAR,

You’ve already seen my results from ASSAR live so you know it’s a working holy grail. Nuff said there.


Here’s another update on my progress. So far tonight with my revised SL/TP settings. Looks awesome so far, i’m live as usual.

i’m at 10% risk. Auto MM.


  • Open up ronz in a blank eurjpy chart on the 1m TF
  • Open Assar on all the other pairs separately on the 1m TF.
  • It’s a mono EA, so that means 1 pair. 1 chart.


I wanted to show you guys this cause it’s awesome as hell. I had won 40+ trades in a row in 1 day. That’s when the market was actually moving. I sort of lost my way with this entire method and had forex adventures with many different EA’s and completely forgot about the original ASSAR for quite some time. I developed ASSARV10 and never looked back.


Recently i have looked back on my research and it seems this is the best way to use the original ASSARV8. I’ve attached my set file for ronz and ASSAR here that directly reflect my 40+ winner settings. The results from this article are from February, 27th. I’ll be live with these settings next week (8/13/2017) I’ll post my results in another article.




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