Currency Rate Euro to Dollar Today 2018

Currency Rate Euro to Dollar Today 2018

Currency Rate Euro to Dollar Today 2018


Currency rates fluctuate pretty rapidly, so finding an up-to-date calculator for the currency rate euro to the dollar today in 2018. This will give you the most accurate information on what the exchange rates are so that you can know this information before you invest or travel to the area. By reading on, you will find out all about the currency value for the euro and what has impacted the dollar to be worth less than the euro.

Back on January 1st, 2018, the euro was about 20 cents more valuable than the US dollar. This is an increase from the year prior, but not quite as good as its highest value back in 2010. There is a long timeline of the history of the values of the euro. In the early part of the 2000s, the euro was formed as a continental currency. It didn’t even surpass a dollar until the time came when it was launched officially as a currency.

In the 6 years following its launch, it began to flourish growing just over 60% while other currency like the US dollar started to fall. The value of the euro started to drop during the financial crisis in 2008. It has been a rollercoaster journey for the euro value since then. The subprime mortgage crisis was not the only issue that caused issues for the euro value. Other issues that have caused issues include the Greece debt crisis, Brexit, and the eurozone crisis.

Much like the euro, the US dollar suffered from economic hardships in the country. The subprime mortgage crisis was a major hit to the US dollar, giving the euro a huge value boost when compared to the dollar. However, things started to level off a bit when the Greece Crisis occurred. The euro got a substantial boost when investors started to leave the dollar to go to the euro when the allegations about Russian collusion occurred in the United States.

The value of the dollar is typically synced with the demand for the Treasury notes, meaning that the Treasury Department sells these notes for both the fixed interest rate and the face value. The interest rates have been detrimental to the value of the dollar. What all of this means is that the US dollar is much weaker than the euro. A major reason for this is something known as quantitative easing, a strategy where the central bank will lower its collateral standards for acceptance for loans. The Federal Reserve used this to stimulate the United States domestic economy. The euro has not needed this strategy since 2010.

The euro has remained consistently more valuable than the dollar since it officially launched as a currency. As you can see, the exchange rate fluctuates regularly so you need to be sure that you get the latest information on these rates. There are currency rate calculators that are updated frequently to ensure you get the most accurate information when you need it.

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