Purchase Assar Elite Pro Forex Scalper V10™©
























When purchasing with zellepay. Send your $99 payment to support@assarofficial.com 







When purchasing with Google Wallet. Send your $99 payment to support@assarofficial.com







When purchasing with Transferwise, sign up to our western union email list and you will receive the bank details to transfer your $99 payment. Transfers with transferwise typically take up to 7 hours .

















Follow the instructions in the info graphic below to buy your bitcoins and add them to your wallet with neteller or skrill or any visa/mastercard debit/credit card.



****Our infographic says PayPal, but you can use Neteller or Skrill or any visa/mastercard debit/credit card for purchasing bitcoin.****





Next come back to this page and click “ Bitcoin Accepted Here ” Button just above  and you will be able to purchase directly. 



Cannot send with xcoins.io?





Click The Xcoins Logo Below to Purchase Bitcoins!











We are very excited to be working with you!  Talk to you soon!

-The ASSARV10 Team

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