Best Forex Trading Strategies For You Today


Ever wondered why you were not making daily profit and gains in the Forex Trading market?

It is probably because you were reading the charts wrong and following the wrong strategy, there is no place for free riding and gut feelings in the world of Forex trading: you need to be cutting edge and follow your strategy to the end no matter what happens on the way. You need to ride through the lows and wait for those amazing highs to sell sell sell, we always like seeing our profits grow don’t we? Here are some of the best Forex Trading strategies that work that give you the best entry signals and the most gains possible.



Scalping is the way of the day trader, short and sweet trades where you only hold for a couple minutes maybe even just seconds to gain that little profit. You need to keep your eyes glued to the EA charts and follow the market like a hawk because a scalper seeks to beat the bid quickly and skim just a little bit of profit. It is a hard trade style to pull off in the market of Forex but if you you want to be ahead of the game and be that metatrader you always wished you could be then this is a style you may want to consider. Just stick to the charts and follow the profits.


Day Trading

As the name highlights these are trades that you will exit before the end of the day, you will never be long term holding when you apply this strategy. This gives you the best chance for the trade to be successful and the less chance for the Forex market to take a dive in the other way. Your trades may only last a couple of hours, so you will want your price bars set to just one or two minutes.


Swing Trading

This is for traders that have nerves of steel and who can read Metatrader charts so well it is as if they were born to trade in the Forex markets. You have to hold your position for several days and only look for the profit short term price patterns. You will have your charts set to look at bars every half an hour or maybe even an hour, if you miss the first swing of highs, well don’t worry it always comes back around in the end.


Positional trading

This is for the long term holders the bag grabbers and the currency whales, following the long term major trend changes. Your goal is to seek the maximum amount of profit in just one trade, therefore you will typically just look at the end of day charts.


All that too much work?

Can’t find a strategy that sits well with you and does it all sound like too much work to study the Forex market to become the best online trader? There is a perfect strategy for you to dominate the foreign exchange market and that is with the best automated software on the market which you can find here.