Assar Ultra©™ Exposed! Live Forex Trading Account Case Study Day 1


After many months of testing. We have finally perfected Bananapips into a stable and consistently profitable EA. You can find the original source thread for Bananapips by clicking here.


As you can see from the original forum thread that there is very little success from anyone using this software.


We at The ASSARV10 Team have hacked the Bananapips strategy and turned it into a consistent money machine!


We are calling this hack Assar Ultra©™.


Check out the video below for the highlights! 

We have optimized a .set file and have zipped both Bananapips and Assar Ultra©™ .set file for you. You can download the Assar Ultra©™ Package Free by clicking here!

One word of warning. Do not trade Assar Ultra with GBP!


This is a very high risk scalping robot or ea. We are giving it away free because of it’s strategy. The strategy is to open as many trades as possible in both directions of volume/volatility. Take care to only use this robot with a standard account of $1000 minimum or a cent account with a minimum of $100 balance/equity. You will need 1:500 leverage minimum. 



The ASSARV10 Team