10 Billionaires That Are Cheaper Than You

10 Billionaires That Are Cheaper Than You

10 Billionaires That Are Cheaper Than You

10 Billionaires That Are Cheaper Than You


According to most people, money doesn’t buy happiness. These are some of the richest people in the world, living a frugal life that may surprise you.

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10 Billionaires That Are Cheaper Than You

    Posted at 04:02h, 14 October

    I like their simple life not because I myself is poor

    Posted at 03:40h, 14 October

    but some is to cheap

    Posted at 03:03h, 14 October

    Not that saving is wrong but if I’m a billionare at 70,at that point I know I’m not going to live forever,…,I’d atleast sit and enjoy my money as I wait for death…

  • Dilip Cruz
    Posted at 02:05h, 14 October

    I sleep on the roads do they?

    Posted at 01:54h, 14 October

    See if you have lots of money act like you still don't have as much
    (of course get a good house and car but after that just take it easy on the spending and work more on the earning)

  • CoolGuy Games
    Posted at 01:47h, 14 October

    I would live like a normal person if I was super rich so I don’t spend my money fast

    Posted at 00:48h, 14 October

    Person is rich, when they are modest. And unest.! Not whan
    They have lot's of money.
    Money DOESN'T bay Happiness
    MOST of rich people would give their money just for health reasons that they have. Waiting for transplant of some organs.!

  • Summer Knight
    Posted at 00:19h, 14 October

    Being a hairstylist, I think that's BS not to have your hair done professionally. His wife is like, "Oh hell no! I'm cutting your hair. Nobody is running their hands through your hair and whispering in your ear!" My sister is a millionaire not billionaire. She cuts her husband's hair. It looks like it too.

  • Alex
    Posted at 00:14h, 14 October

    The ''with coupons'' at the end just killed me lmao

  • Unreal playZ
    Posted at 23:50h, 13 October

    My damn professor

  • Cressida Troylus
    Posted at 23:08h, 13 October

    The rich stay rich by acting like they're poor. The poor stay poor by fronting like they're rich.

  • TechTubeCentral
    Posted at 23:07h, 13 October

    I'm not buying the Bill Gates comment about airlines (unless you're literally counting day one). My dad worked at MSFT in the 80s and 90s and always flew Business or First. When you fly that much, you have membership perks, making it nearly impossible to fly in coach.

  • ilmas ashraf
    Posted at 22:34h, 13 October

    This guy is rich but a cheap motherfuckers dosent pay employees enough

  • ilmas ashraf
    Posted at 22:16h, 13 October

    How does someone reuse t bags

  • Rocket Hutchins
    Posted at 22:13h, 13 October


  • Don Vaughn
    Posted at 21:43h, 13 October

    One thing u have to understand they are certain perks that dont motivate them i.e. if u don't like nice jewelry why would u purchase jewelry just because your rich

  • jake hagen
    Posted at 21:25h, 13 October

    Was actually believing this until you put bill gates on here… he deffs isnt cheaper then me lol

  • Jaron Martin
    Posted at 21:10h, 13 October

    Richest people are so cheap they get away without even paying taxes. What good is having money if you do not spend it. Rich people are shitheads.

  • MELANIST 100
    Posted at 20:38h, 13 October

    These black rappers flexing need to learn from these man

  • howayne fennell
    Posted at 19:53h, 13 October

    Lol I dont think you cheap if you donate over 1 million dollars

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