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The Assarv10 Team are an elite group of forex hackers. We are also educators who develop highly advanced training materials and modules for our clients. The AssarV10 Team works with all kinds of traders, pro and beginners alike. We are dedicated to providing the most profitable forex trading strategies in the world! We have combined all of our skill and knowledge to design a money generating machine. The Assar Series of Elite Forex Trading Robots! The Assarv10 Team has provided 4 types of FREE Assar trading tools over the course of the past 2 years to anyone who wishes to use them. We only have one paid version and that is Assar Elite Pro Forex Scalper V10. You can read more about it at our blog!


The foreign exchange market is the market in which participants are able to buy, sell, exchange and speculate on currencies. Foreign exchange markets are made up of banks, commercial companies, central banksinvestment management firms, hedge funds, and retail forex brokers and investors. The forex market is considered the largest financial market in the world.

Easily Accessable & Low Fees

You would think that getting started as a currency trader would cost a ton of money. The fact is, when compared to trading stocks, options or futures, it doesn’t. Online forex brokers offer “mini” and “micro” trading accounts, some with a minimum account deposit of $25.

We’re not saying you should open an account with the bare minimum, but it does make forex trading much more accessible to the average individual who doesn’t have a lot of start-up trading capital.


There is no waiting for the opening bell. From the Monday morning opening in Australia to the afternoon close in New York, the forex market never sleeps. This is awesome for those who want to trade on a part-time basis because you can choose when you want to trade: morning, noon, night, during breakfast, or in your sleep.

The retail transaction cost (the bid/ask spread) is typically less than 0.1% under normal market conditions. At larger dealers, the spread could be as low as 0.07%. Of course, this depends on your leverage and all will be explained later.


You don’t need to be a super genius to make money with forex trading! You can download Assar for Free and allow it to do all of the thinking for you! You can make money in your sleep!

Assar Elite Pro Forex Scalper V10™©

Integrated advanced account and money management system.

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Hidden stop loss

Hidden take profit

Hidden lock in profit

Hidden classic trailing stop loss

Hidden jump stop loss

Hidden step by step trailing stop loss

Hidden Keep Distance Trailing Stop Loss

Open and close trade alerts

Advanced Integrated Forex News Scanner

best forex ea robot 2018

Why do 96% of Retail Forex Traders Lose Money? 

In my 10 years of forex trading i have never seen any more lazy or stupid people. The retail forex world is full of lazy ignorant people who want everything handed to them.  Sorry to say it but ” your robot doesn’t work ” is not an argument. If you want to be a successful forex trader, you need to stop being lazy and ignorant and open your mind.



Well Today I Am Going To Teach you How To Quit Your Job

Move To Paradise And Get Paid To Change The World.



Just because you have a different opinion from everyone else doesn’t mean you are wrong! Stick to your strategy no matter what! If you have an 80% success rate, then it doesn’t matter what anyone says!


You need courage but you also need to know when to chill. Controlling your risk when trading forex is the most important lesson for all of us. You can easily lose your head and get greedy. You’ll end up loading up $10 or $20 per pip and you’ll lose your shirt. So have some control. This is a marathon, not a wind sprint.


The best retail forex traders are active in multiple platforms and brokers every day. They make insane amounts of cash because of the diversity of their trades. If you want to make insane profits, you’ll need to expand your portfolio. Trade all the pairs all at once. Never miss an opportunity to grab your next profitable trade. This is only possible when you have a silent partner always giving you the correct information and making you the most money. This silent partner is called assar elite pro forex scalper v10™ (and you can find out more about it here).


You need to stick to your determined strategy and not deviate from it. By constantly changing your mind and strategy along with it, you lose out on potential earnings. At the same time completely forgetting why you took the trade in the first place.


If you do not know how to read the charts or properly follow fundamental economic data, then you will not know what the market is telling you. So make sure you understand what you are doing by analysing every detail of the world economies.

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