Hacking The Forex Market With ASSAR V8 -Research And Development in (2017)

ASSARV8 doesn’t start its trail by locking in profit. It just moves the visible 20 pip stop loss by 1. It will step the SL by 1 so for every 1 pip the SL moves to 19, 18, 17.. etc. The banks and brokers can see this and it’s like a sitting duck. While you are sitting there waiting for it to lock in the profit it’s already made, The market turns and you never lock in profits.

ALL OF THESE STOP LOSSES AND TAKE PROFITS CAN BE HIDDEN FROM THE BROKER. WITH A FAKE TP AND SL SET IN PLACE BY ASSAR V8 of 80 pips distance. I have a solution for this. You can use Ronz Hidden SL and TP in conjunction with ASSAR EA.

You can download the ronz EA here:


Download the ASSAR V8 Original Package Here:


Inside ASSAR you will need to set your SL and TP to 80 for 5 digit brokers and to 800 for 6 digit brokers. Use ronz to lock in profit after we hit 3 pips. It will lock in 2 pips and the ASSAR EA will trail step by one pip every 1 pip that price moves in our favor.



I’ve tested this from yesterday until today and here’s my results:

If you are on a 6 digit broker, use these settings for ronz:


This means after we hit 3 pips in profit, it will lock in 2 pips. In the meantime ASSAR will trail the current stop by it’s own settings. There’s no magic numbers, so ASSAR and Ronz will work together.

Here’s my ASSAR settings:


I’m on a 6 digit broker.


Here’s my results so far. I’ve had 5 losers and just over 40 winners in my previous testing.


ASSAR is using envelopes indicator with a 0.07 deviation. When it hits the top or bottom of the range, and if the vol meter confirms, it will take a counter trade against it. So you need a bigger TF or a smaller tp/sl. Just before today’s close, i’m +50 trades and -5 trades.


You’ll need to play around with the spread settings to find out what works best for max spread. The spread is what determines if this thing is a winner or loser. I’m on a 6 digit broker with very small spreads, under 4 pips.

I had to eliminate a few pairs that were losing for the past 2 days. I’ve listed the pairs i’m trading below along with my performance for this week so far. I’m on a 6 digit broker so the spreads look like 10 and 32, in reality it’s 1.0 and 3.2 etc..

My performance so far. Great EA!


I’ve been turning it off before the rollover so i can avoid spread just in case. Usually this EA is in and out of trades within minutes so i don’t usually have to worry. Other than that i let it run all day and night. I’m +52% of my account in the past 2 days. Hope the market picks up again. That’s when this thing really trades like crazy.


I did have an issue when i was testing this. I found my stop loss was way too small. 2 pip stop loss was set into Ronz to reflect ASSAR settings. This actually lost more than it won, so you have to keep testing to see what works live.

The backtests had shown massive profits with such a small stop loss, but in reality we need to set a 15 – 20 pip stop loss instead. This had a profound effect and helped to profit quite a bit. Just after i changed Ronz Stop loss to 15, i started recovering the account very easily. No stops hit and i was +$10 for the end of that week.



Yes, i agree we need a good management tool like ronz. That’s why it’s in use every single day on my server. You can “holy grail” any EA with ronz, as long as the EA has over 80% accuracy. I’ve tried my best with some of these EA’s, but they have horrible entry or they are martingale so they won’t possibly win. If they do, it’s for a very short period of time.

The best strategy to use with ronz is a scalper method. ASSAR is a perfect EA, it only trades when there is liquidity. If there is no liquidity that means the broker will have to take the other side of your bet. And we all know what happens when they do that.

So with the incorporated volatility meter, it saves you from losing quite a bit. The orders will max out at 1000.00, so if you try that type of lot in a period where there is nothing happening then the market will move against you. There is no other option there unless we use ASSAR. With ASSAR, you have to use the 15m because of the settings for the envelope indicator that’s built in. They set it to 0.07 deviation which works best on the 15m. The 1m will be inaccurate and less trades. This is what i’ve learned from trading live.

You’ve already seen my results from ASSAR live so you know it’s a working holy grail. Nuff said there.


Here’s another update on my progress. So far tonight with my revised SL/TP settings. Looks awesome so far, i’m live as usual.

i’m at 10% risk. Auto MM.

  • Open up ronz in a blank eurjpy chart on the 15m TF
  • Open Assar on all the other pairs separately.
  • It’s a mono EA, so that means 1 pair. 1 chart.

I wanted to show you guys this cause it’s awesome as hell. I had won 40+ trades in a row in 1 day. That’s when the market was actually moving. I sort of lost my way with this entire method and had forex adventures with many different EA’s and completely forgot about the original ASSAR for quite some time. I developed ASSARV10 and never looked back.


Recently i have looked back on my research and it seems this is the best way to use the original ASSARV8. I’ve attached my set file for ronz and ASSAR here that directly reflect my 40+ winner settings. The results from this article are from February, 27th. I’ll be live with these settings next week (8/13/2017) I’ll post my results in another article.

This research led to the development of ASSAR ELITE PRO SCALPER V10




The World’s #1 Most Intelligent Foreign Exchange Robot!

Rated Best Forex Robot in 2017



“A Remake of ASSARV8 Forex Robot With some Awesome Extra Features that were Limited Inside of ASSARV8! This is Aboslutely The Best Forex Robot in The World!”

-James H.

“ASSARV10 ELITE PRO FOREIGN EXCHANGE ROBOT has Built-in Safety Measures to Avoid Stop Loss Detection, while Locking In Profits and a Smart Economic Scanner for Avoiding those Crazy News Spikes!

-Brent R.

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The Original ASSAR Research. This is where we started in our research to create ASSARV10:




ASSAR V8 FOREX EA Discussion:


ASSAR V9 FOREX EA (Trend Breakout Edition) 2017 Expert Advisor Discussion:

We have Completely Redesigned ASSARV8 Forex Robot to Include a Wide Array of Security Measures and Detection Features to Keep Your Account Safe and Consistently Making Money.


Hidden Stop Loss

Hidden Take Profit

Hidden Lock in Profit

Hidden Classic Trailing Stop Loss

Hidden Jump Stop Loss

Trade Alerts

Forex News Scanner to Detect High Impact, Medium Impact, Low Impact News Data, Holidays and Public Speakers Detection for Avoiding The News and Holiday Slowdown!

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By default if you have a losing trade, it will be 10-20 pips. Very Minimal. With the option of Specifying Your Own Risk settings within ASSARV10 Elite Pro Forex Scalper! A Fully Functional and Conventional Forex Robot!



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“You Will Empower All of the Benefits of ASSARV8 Without All of the Risk!”



Learn How the Forex Trading Pro’s Make Millions from this Simple Forex Scalping Method! 


Our Clients are Making Thousands of Dollars Per Day!


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ASSAR V10 Setup

ASSAR V10 Training



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The Perfect Forex Robot for Beginners!

 Live on meta trader 4 or Demo account testing!

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Custom Presets Configured for Each Customer. Limit 1 preset per customer.



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Direct contact with the support staff 24/7 Please allow up to 12 hours for a reply


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Minimum Deposit Requirements for ASSARV10:

Standard Forex Account: $1000

Cent Forex Account: $100



Frequently Asked Questions

1) Now Assar EA is version 10 with lifetime free update and upgrade?

When you purchase, you purchase the expert advisor we are selling at that moment. We do not offer upgrades because all of our strategies change with each robot. Making them very new robots. There are no upgrades on ASSARV10, it’s in it’s final version.

2) I can’t download the demo in mt4talk as it need to purchase or post

If you go to our website You will notice we have video instructions for how to download from mt4.

3) Is your EA sensitive in Broker? Such as I need fast execution Broker

Your broker must have spreads below 4 pips. There are no other restrictions as far as we know. ASSARV10 works with all brokers.

4) Can I start with $500 to use your EA without margin call?

Yes of course. ASSARV10 is modified for conservative trading. You will never have a margin call at any given time.

5) Expected Max. Drawdown?

We cannot predict the movement of the forex market, it is too complex. Things change every day behind the scenes and we do not have access to major corporations company strategies or when they will make their next sales. We cannot predict or tell you what the banks will be doing either. We are not a bank, we are not a big corporation. We sell software and training. We cannot tell you how much you will gain or lose. It’s impossible to predict.

If you need to learn about what forex is and how it works, then i suggest you go to youtube and type in “forex for beginners” to give you a head start.

6) Can trade what pair in small account?

you can trade all pairs under a 4 pip spread.

7) Expected ROI in a month?

Again, we cannot predict market movements on any given day. The forex market is too complex with many different variables which include all economic data and many other factors that create a very unpredictable marketplace.

If you need to learn about what forex is and how it works, then i suggest you go to youtube and type in “forex for beginners” to give you a head start.

8) Do you have any myfxbook live statement to view Result ?

We have posted our myfxbook account, and all sorts of trade history on our website

9) Does your EA open many trade and use stop loss?

Yes it uses a stop loss and yes when the market conditions are within our strategy guideline, then it will make very many trades.

10) Rougly how long your EA will open on floating ? Few days?

ASSARV10 is not a martingale, not a trend following robot either. ASSARV10 is a counter trend scalper. We have explained all of this detail at our website, in the forum and on our youtube channel which is also linked to our website.





“I’m very pleased to hear you are in intrigued by our software. It looks too good to be true, and i don’t blame you for thinking that. When i first encountered ASSARV8, I thought it was b/s too. So i ran it a few times in Back test and obviously it did very well.

After that i put about $100 into a cent account at my broker Profiforex. I was using the original version ASSARV8. So i set it up the night before i went to sleep. Woke up the next day and i had made over $60 while i was sleeping.

On a cent account that’s not bad. Not only that but the Forex market is nothing like it was in 2015, which is when the ASSARV8 was forward tested.A couple years ago the market was very volatile and it was very easy for the EA to nab pips very fast.

The banks were very busy putting in massive amounts of money into the markets for whatever reason. Right about now the market is a bit slower than it was before. ASSARV8 is a counter trend scalper.

However, it will not take that counter scalp unless it identifies high volume/volatility at that point of breakout. As i explained in the first training tutorial i made and uploaded to my Youtube channel. So i took 44 winners out of 50 trades. I posted the results on my website.

This is very profound! In a slow market where you are lucky to see the banks doing anything major, we had some nice trading going on. So to me i think the banks can be in at any random time.

Those 44 winners gave me the confidence to keep going with it. Ever since then i decided to modify ASSARV8 and make it a bit safer. I allowed it to run through the unemployment data we had last month and it got hit pretty bad.

Since ASSARV8 is a counter trend Forex scalper (the no turning back moves during some high impact news) it will try to counter scalp that big move. So i had to find a way to fix this. I added a news filter into the EA.

There are other things that are naturally apart of normal trading such as; Stop hunts, Price manipulations by banks and brokers, Metatrader 4 bugs, etc.. These are common things that we need to keep an eye on as well.

So for this we have added hidden everything. Hidden take profit, hidden stop loss, hidden trailing stop, hidden profit locking, etc.. ASSARV10 was born in that moment. It was recently adapted and forward tested in the past month.

However, ASSARV10 is just an updated version of ASSARV8. We did not change the logic of execution, we just added security features and modified the logic to be more conservative.

We need to keep our accounts safe and i personally am not a fan of taking random trades during slow forex market sessions.You will have no problems using ASSARV10 with 6 digit pairs.

We have adapted ASSARV10 for all pairs and all market conditions. So once it’s up and running, you have nothing left to do but wait for money. If you understand the logic of ASSARV8, Then you will understand that ASSARV10 is a conservative Forex scalper.

ASSARV10 will only trade when the banks do. This logic came directly from ASSARV8. As i said, the logic has not changed. We just added security features to keep us safe.

hope that answers most of your questions 😉

Cheers! “

Misty Horivak

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High Risk Forex Investment

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Before purchasing any product from any page on our website(s), you also agree to any specific terms as may be set out regarding any purchase and refund policy and procedure, shipping, carriage and/or delivery terms and payment terms and accept full risk all for same. Including, inter alia, the following: 

We are in no way to be held liable and have no direct control over the shipping and receipt by you of the product. All risks associated with carriage and handling and shipping of the product are to be born at your own risk at all times. Shipping and handling times and quotes are estimates only and may vary depending on considerations beyond our control and are payable in addition to the product purchase price at the rates quoted, and are none refundable on any return or in any eventuality whatsoever. 

All our content and membership sites are provided on a license basis only. Should any payments be validly refunded or membership of the site be terminated with you for any reason, then similarly the license to use or access our members area expires. By purchasing the product and membership you agree to the license and all terms on this page and elsewhere on our site. 

Refunds for the purchase amount only, excluding shipping and any ancillary costs,  will be granted to you, the purchaser, under the following conditions only: 

I). You must contact the Vendor, us, within 30 calendar days (“the refund period”) after purchase with the first payment made, with the following: 

1. A written request (by email) for a refund AND; 

2. Attached proof that you shipped the product at your own cost to the return address provided when you receive the package or by request. 

And further: 

II). The complete product is returned, in its original packaging, undamaged, and is confirmed as received at the return address, within the refund period. 

III). Should you have elected to have bought this product and membership access from us, with any 2 (two) payment option, then any refund given, shall be calculated on the actual payment made by you to the vendor at the time you request a refund, which shall be the maximum amount claimable for refund calculated at 30 days from date of first payment. 

IV). Should you have elected to have bought this product from us, with the Full or One (1) payment option, then any refund given, shall be calculated on the actual payment made by you to the vendor, which shall be the maximum amount claimable for refund. 

V). At all times the shipping costs and any ancillary costs or fees, as relates to delivery, shipment, carriage, handling fees, storage, taxes and any custom, excise and/or duties, Vat as may be applicable, either on or after purchase or return, are solely for the purchaser’s own account and are not due to be refunded or claimed from the vendor or its partners, at any stage and for whatever reason. 

VI). You shall not retain any copies of any portion of the product for use by any person, and will no longer have access to any member’s area or private area or content which paid customers may be entitled to, upon a refund being processed. 

VII). Justifiable refund limited to loss of equity within forex trading account with specific detailed report of trading history and proof of losses of %50 or more of the forex trading account in use by the customer or purchaser of ASSAR and all of it’s subsidiaries including, ASSARV10 and or any other products produced by The ASSARV10 Team proving losses were caused by the software provided by The ASSARV10 Team. 

The ASSARV10 Team is not responsible for customers irresponsible behavior or reckless actions within the forex markets. The ASSARV10 Team and all of it’s subsidiaries provide Lifetime Support with Lifetime Training in the forex market while using any of The ASSARV10 Team software for trading currency or foreign exchange. The recommended software configuration and settings as well as risk limits are detailed extensively through The ASSARV10 Team’s training material’s provided by email. Copies of these recommendations are saved within The ASSARV10 Team’s servers.

At any and all times the maximum claim that may be made by you against ourselves, whether in a single or class action or multiple claim action, including all costs and sundries, shall be limited to the amount which you actually paid for the product. 

Internet Trading Risks: 

There are risks associated with utilizing an Internet-based deal execution trading system including, but not limited to, the failure of hardware, software, and Internet connection. Since The ASSARV10 Team, does not control signal power, its reception or routing via Internet, configuration of your equipment or reliability of its connection, we cannot be responsible for communication failures, distortions or delays when trading via the Internet.

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